Enjoy a bright and peacful Spring at Arbor Day Farm

Climb a Tree House 50 Feet High

Climb A Tree House 50 Feet High

The Canopy Tree House provides an incredible bird's-eye view of life in the forest. Nestled in the Table Creek Forest along the Tree House Trail, the Canopy Tree House truly takes you up among the treetops.

Canopy Tower

A beautiful spot and perfect photo opportunity, the Canopy Tower rises 50 feet above the forest floor and puts you in the uppermost treetops.

Observation Platform

Relax and soak in the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the forest from this serene, scenic view of all the layers of the forest from canopy to forest floor.

Nature Explore Club Cabin

Enter the cabin and you'll join Nature Explore Club members who explored this special place in the past and have left "nature challenges" for you to solve. From camouflage insects to owl pellets, the cabin gives you an up-close, hands-on experience with the amazing diversity of nature.