Enjoy a bright and peacful Spring at Arbor Day Farm

The Hazelnut Research Field

Hazelnut Field

The nation’s second largest Hazelnut Research Field is located on nine acres of gently sloping land just north of Lied Lodge & Conference Center. While adding beauty to Arbor Day Farm, this unique woody perennial field is also showing the way to better food production, environmental health, and innovative agroforestry practices.

In partnership with the Nebraska Nut Growers, the Nut Tree Arboretum at Arbor Day Farm is a rich research site for several varieties of black walnuts, as well as other nut species including hickory, hazelnut, and pecan. Some of this research complements that being done at Arbor Day Farm's Hazelnut Field, and in all of this work, one thing is obvious: nut trees offer important nutritional and economic value to growers.

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