Enjoy a bright and peacful Spring at Arbor Day Farm

Preservation Orchard

The Preservation Orchard symbolizes much that is unique about Arbor Day Farm itself—a place that preserves the best practices of the past while keeping an eye to the future. In the 180 antique apple trees, representing 165 different apple varieties, can be found both a living record of some of the finest known apples, and a genetic repository that may one day help create varieties well suited to a changing climate. A trip to the Farm during apple harvest offers visitors an opportunity to experience the wonderful flavor of some of these old favorites.

Arbor Day Farm's historic Preservation Orchard is home to many legendary apples, including the Wolf River, an apple so large that it takes only one to make a pie. The Wolf River is shown here next to another old variety, the petite “Lady” apple.

The unique Chenango Strawberry may resemble a strawberry in color and markings, but is all apple in taste.

This distinctive apple, red to the core, is the Almata.