Enjoy a bright and peacful Spring at Arbor Day Farm

Educational Tours and Field Trips
at Arbor Day Farm

Choose Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, Nebraska,

for your next school field trip or educational tour.


Teachers recommend Arbor Day Farm year after year for fun, educational experiences tailored to fit your time schedule, your students' age groups and interests, and your budget.

Our staff of Nature Interpreters leads students into the natural world where they can stretch their legs and their imaginations, and where self-discovery and new learning happens naturally.

Additionally, field trips at Arbor Day Farm are compliant with the
Nebraska State Science Education Standards for K-12 students,
creating an enriching experience with plenty of fun!

With their field trip to Arbor Day Farm, each student receives a tree seedling to plant at home.

Contact the Tree Adventure Tours Department at (402) 873-8757.

See below for pricing and tour options.



Tree Adventure admission
(unguided visit)

$5.00 $7.00

Tree Adventure Youth Tour admission.
Includes one hour with a Nature Interpreter. Best value!

$6.00 $8.00

Additional hour with Nature Interpreter

$2.00 per student $2.00 per adult


Starting April 1, 2015:
Arbor Lodge State Historical Park
(unguided visit of mansion & grounds)


$4.00 $7.00

Discovery Ride

$3.00 $4.00


Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure Guided Tours


Bees and Blossoms Tour

Bees and BlossomsDiscover the fascinating world of the honeybee by watching them in action in the observation hive. In the spring, a trip to the orchard provides a closer look at the apple blossoms and the process of pollination.


Renewable Energy Tour

Renewable EnergyVisit the unique biomass energy operation that heats and cools Lied Lodge at Arbor Day Farm. Learn about the fast growing trees that provide a renewable source of energy.


Apple Harvest Tour

Apple Harvest at Arbor Day FarmA fall season exclusive. September and October offer students the opportunity to watch the apple harvest in various stages of production. Explore from the orchard to the apple cooler and learn about different apple varieties grown at Arbor Day Farm. The visit is full of the smell of fall and the bustle of harvest.

Be A Tree Sleuth Tour

Tree Sleuth / Tree Identification*Best suited for 4th grade and up.

Learn how to classify trees and identify them by their bark, shape, seeds, fruit, and leaves. Use a tree identification guide to identify some trees out on the trail at Arbor Day Farm. The Tree ID book is yours to keep.


Discovery Ride

Discovery Ride at Arbor Day FarmRide over the trails and journey into the heart of the orchards and forest. See and learn about Arbor Day Farm's agricultural and energy conservation practices at work. Hosted by an experienced Arbor Day Farm Tour Guide.


Special Interest Focus

Enhance your Tree Adventure Tour with a special interest focus on one of the following areas: “Native American Plants”, “Seeds and How they Travel”, or “Habitats.” Call for more information: (402) 873-8757.


Download the Arbor Day Farm Field Trip Idea Flyer.