Arbor Day Farm Wine

Arbor Day Farm Wines



The vineyards of Arbor Day Farm are rolling hills rich with heritage and alive with promise.

Taste and enjoy Arbor Day Farm's reds, whites, and fruit wines—the delicious result of Nebraska's sunny days, fertile soil, and decades of expertise.

Arbor Day Farm wine tastings are offered most Friday and Saturday evenings in the Lied Lodge lobby, 5:00-7:00pm. For just $6, receive four tastes and the wine glass is yours to keep.

We look forward to helping you find your new favorite.

Download the Arbor Day Farm Wine Guide here.Arbor Day Farm Red Wines
(listed from dry to sweet)


De Chaunac—This French hybrid is a dry, red varietal wine and an example of Nebraska wine at its best. Once considered one of the seven noble grapes, this full-bodied wine has a wonderful bouquet and is a natural for the red wine connoisseur. Best served at room temperature.

Chambourcin—Attention to detail paid off with this wonderful red, semi-dry French American hybrid varietal wine. The leaves around eac
h cluster were removed, letting the grapes bask in the sun, resulting in perfectly ripened fruit and thus an excellent wine. The fruity characteristics and beautiful color makes this a standout among other red wines. Best served at room temperature. Past bronze medal winner in the Mid-American Wine Competition.

Morton Oak—This medium-bodied, lively red has hints of deep cherry and plum with accents of spice. A good choice for entertaining or for pairing with grilled entrees.

NEW St. Croix—A full-bodied red wine, with the aroma of plums & black cherry. Excellent for sipping or paired with red meat..

Arbor Day Farm White Wines
(listed from dry to sweet)

Porter's Pride
A medium-bodied white bursting with flavors of pineapple, pear and green apple. A blend of Vignoles, Seyval Blanc and Edelweiss. The name is a nod to former orchard owner Morton Porter and his 1935 Triple Crown Winner Omaha, who spent his retirement years
on Arbor Day Farm.

NEW EdelweissThe newest addition to Arbor Day Farm's white wine line up. An outstanding white wine with a crisp mouth similar to Riesling wines.

A semi-sweet French hybrid with pinot noir in its parentage and hints of pear and apricots. Pairs nicely with cheese and fruits.

Morton's Reserve
—This blend of Vignoles, LaCrosse, and Seyval Blanc grapes has resulted in a delightful fruity white wine. The flavors jump out at you when served chilled. This finely crafted wine is sure to become one of your favorites. Best served slightly chilled.

—This grape is the result of one of the premier grape breeders in the country, Elmer Swenson. Elmer was a retired dairy farmer from Wisconsin who started breeding grapes in his 80s, and LaCrosse is one of his many developments. This semi-sweet white varietal wine has wonderful fruity overtones. Best served slightly chilled. Past silver medal winner in the Mid-American Wine Competition.

NEW LaCrescent—An aromatic and semi-sweet white wine with hints of apricot, peach, citrus, and pineapple.

Seyval Blanc—A white French hybrid varietal, this crisp version has flavors and aromas of delicate grapefruit and citrus flavor and a certain minerality that some compare to white burgundies or Chablis.

Apple Pie—A fortified wine made from pressed apple cider with a touch of cinnamon. The sweet and sour flavor combination makes for a great sipping wine.

Grapes at Arbor Day Farm | Nebraska City, NEArbor Day Farm Fruit Wines
(limited / seasonal availability)

Limited / Seasonal availability. This beautiful, sweet apple wine is fashioned from our own apple cider produced here at Arbor Day Farm. The special blend of apples used to produce the cider resulted in a wine that allows the apple characteristics to shine through.

Limited / Seasonal availability. This unique wine is made from Montmorency tart cherries that are grown here on Arbor Day Farm. The wine is sweet yet tart with hints of cinnamon. Best served chilled.

PeachLimited / Seasonal availability. This dessert wine is made from tree-ripened peaches grown on Arbor Day Farm. The wine is candy sweet and best served chilled.

StrawberryLimited / Seasonal availability. A deliciously sweet dessert wine made from Arbor Day Farm's strawberries. A wonderful complement to a chocolate dessert.