Arbor Day Farm is 260 acres of natural beauty, outdoor fun, history, and relaxation all rolled into one. To help you make the most of your time here, we’ve put together a list of our favorite — and sometimes overlooked — activities.


Discover the wonders of the Whispering Bench.

A focal point of Monument Square at Arbor Lodge State Historical Park, the curved bench turns whispers into shared conversation.


Sail through the air on the ZipKrooz.

Head to the Tree Adventure for this fast-paced, wind-in-your-hair experience that whisks you from one point to another and is guaranteed to make you smile.


Sip your favorite cocktail while watching the sun set.

The Sunset Terrace at Lied Lodge is a perfect spot for some much-needed, nature-inspired downtime.


Walk Doug’s Trail and count the wildlife you see.

The path begins just behind Lied Lodge, taking you beneath the wooded canopy, over bridges, and into the heart of Arbor Day Farm.


Bounce sky-high on North America’s first WonderNet.

A favorite stop inside Treetop Village®, the super large, super bouncy surface offers a one-of-a-kind experience.


Sample wines made from grapes grown on the farm.

A tasty selection of wines awaits! Find your favorite with a wine tasting, available daily at the beautiful Apple House Market. We offer hard cider tastings as well.


See and play a giant drum made from
a tree.

Check out the amazing work of artist Jayson Fann. Last spring, he visited the Tree Adventure a and gave a second life to a 270-year-old Black Oak tree downed by an ice storm.


Sit, stroll, and gather with friends.

Explore a new trail in the hazelnut lawn behind Lied Lodge and then gather around the firepit for some welcome relaxation.


Take a backwoods hike along the Conservation Trail.

Bask in nature’s beauty as you traverse our newest path through the farm. The 2.4 mile round trip trail takes you past our heirloom apple orchard and clonal walnut grove.


Visit the bowling alley in the basement of Arbor Lodge Mansion.

There’s so much to see on every floor, you might forget to go down into the basement. But those who do will find the original lane, pins, and balls.

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