In addition to the many trails within the Tree Adventure, Arbor Day Farm features additional trails throughout the property that are ready to be explored. One of the more beloved paths is Doug’s Trail — a walk that takes you into the peaceful sanctuary of the woods. It stretches from the back of Lied Lodge to the Apple House Market and Tree Adventure.

The newest addition is the Conservation Trail, a 2.4 mile loop through the backwoods of Arbor Day Farm and past Lied Lodge. Open to pedestrians, runners, and bicycles, the pathway takes guests through the Harris Prairie, alongside Arbor Day Farm's heirloom apple orchard, and past the Historic Barns before connecting to Doug’s Trail.

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Bicyclists and runners looking for routes beyond the property should check out the ones below. Steamboat Trace Trail is one of our favorites, but we’re including a few others that offer a variety of scenery and varying degrees of challenge. When viewing the route maps, be sure to note the surface information. Some routes can be quite hilly, and some are gravel.

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