Visit the Arbor Day Farm Tree Nursery

Trees for America Terrace

Planting and caring for trees is the heart of the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission. Nowhere is that mission more visible than here in the Trees for America Terrace. Trees that will make a world of difference in communities across the nation begin their lives here. See thousands of young seedlings growing in the Lied Greenhouse and the John C. Negus Growing House.

The Trees for America Terrace is a working demonstration of the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. Trees from all of these facilities may be used in the Tree Adventure, Lied Lodge, Gift Tree Program, membership tree program, and with corporate sponsors.

Hero Gallery

The Trees for America® program embodies the Arbor Day Foundation’s belief that each of us has a responsibility for wise environmental stewardship. Each year, through their participation in the Trees for America program, members are making a difference by planting their own trees they receive from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Many of those trees are packed and shipped from right here in the Hero Gallery to members across the nation.

By planting trees, members become part of a movement that began with Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and is now carried on throughout the world. The trees they plant today will soon shade and cool homes, bring songbirds close by, beautify communities and countryside, conserve energy, reduce soil erosion, clean the air, and protect rivers and streams.

Lied Greenhouse

The Lied Greenhouse is a state-of-the-art, computerized, 2,800-square-foot growing facility. Arbor Day Farm is able to utilize the latest technology to grow approximately 50,000 hazelnut shrubs per season. We are growing hybrid hazel seedlings for the Foundation’s member research program. Nuts are collected from the Arbor Day Farm hazel plantation and hand-seeded into the greenhouse.

The greenhouse environmental system utilizes an outdoor weather station and indoor sensors to control the climate equipment in the greenhouse. The young crop is watered and fed through a boom irrigation system which allow the staff to inject just the right amount of fertilizer into the water. The water drainage from the greenhouse feeds to a pond with plants that act as filters by using the fertilizer before it runs off into the surrounding fields.

The young tree seedlings are conditioned or "hardened-off" outside in the Terrace’s Shade House. The Shade House roof structure is covered with a porous cloth material that allows 60% of the sun’s light through it. By moving the trees outside to the shade house, they become acclimated to the outside conditions before they are given to our members. The trees are then better able to handle the sunlight, wind, and temperatures when planted outside.

John C. Negus Growing House

This facility is a working production greenhouse where we’re maximizing growing space to produce conifer seedlings for the Arbor Day Foundation. The ability to control each tree’s environment, feeding, and watering allows the greenhouse to grow a 6-inch conifer tree in approximately 6 months. It takes nature years to grow the same size of tree.