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Arbor Day Farm can provide your class with a fun and educational experience. A wide variety of tours are tailored to fit your schedule, age groups, interests and budget.

Learn How to Plant Your Tree

Some tours include a free tree. Plant yours the right way, and it will thrive.

Guided Tour Options

All field trips at Arbor Day Farm are compliant with the Nebraska State Science Education Standards for K–12 students, creating an enriching experience with plenty of fun.

Arbor Lodge State Historical Park

Self-Guided Tour

Unguided visit to mansion and park grounds





Arbor Lodge Mansion and Grounds Tour

Discover the rich history and lasting legacy of J. Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor Day. Begin your self-guided tour with a short video relaying the history of the Morton family and their magnificent home. Explore the 52-room mansion, see the carriage house and grounds, and be inspired to plant a tree! Perfect for any class studying Nebraska history.

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Tree Adventure

1-Hour Tours

Includes one hour with a Nature Interpreter and a free tree seedling and Tree Adventure admission for each participant. Minimum group size is 15. Groups with fewer than 15, please call for prices.





Apple Harvest Tour Fall Only

September and October offer bountiful ways to experience fall at Arbor Day Farm. Head to the orchard to learn how apples grow and are harvested. Interactive learning opportunities emphasize the importance of honeybees to the growing process. Visit the Apple House where the apples are washed, sorted, and packed and see where our cider is pressed and bottled. Everyone in the group receives a free sample of cider to taste. It’s our #1 tour each fall.

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Wildlife Detective Tour New

Wildlife abounds at Arbor Day Farm, but we don’t always see it. Some animals come out only at night; others are very shy around people. But they all leave clues that they are here. Learn to read the signs and discover who is hiding as you take a hike along South Table Creek Trail. Each person receives a photo scavenger hunt sheet to help with the discovery process. Great for sharpening observational skills and experiencing a wilder side of nature.

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Tree Adventure Tour

Walk Arbor Day Farm’s Tree House Trail with a knowledgeable guide to learn about Nebraska’s native flora and fauna. Climb to the top of the 50-foot tree house. Explore the nature cabin filled with natural wonder. Continue your journey into the Lied Greenhouse where thousands of tree seedlings get their start.

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Ecosystems Tour

Discover Arbor Day Farm’s diverse ecosystems — a creek, prairie, and riparian forest — all within a short walking distance. Take part in interactive games that match animals to their native habitat and explore the advantages of camouflage. Build a food web of producers, consumers, and decomposers, then dig up some decomposers for up-close viewing. A kid-favorite!

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Terrific Trees Tour

Take an up-close look at trees to gain the basic skills needed for tree identification. Discover how the parts and function of a tree can become unforgettable once you act them out. Get an introduction to dendrochronology—the study of tree rings. Observe the many species that depend on trees for their survival and share our passion for growing trees with a trip through the Lied Greenhouse.

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Discovery Ride

Ride over the trails and journey into the heart of the orchards and forest on a tractor-pulled wagon. See and learn from an experienced tour guide about Arbor Day Farm's native trees and animals, tree research, orchards, and history. Additional cost of $5 per person.

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Bees and Blossoms Tour
Spring Only

A springtime trip to Arbor Day Farm provides an awesome view of the apple orchards in bloom. It’s also a great time to learn about apple development, integrated pest management, and the importance of pollinators. Take a peek into the world of honeybees and beekeeping, plus get a firsthand look at the process of pollination by dissecting a flower.

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Tree Adventure

90-Minute Specialty Tours

Includes 90 minutes with a Nature Interpreter and a free tree seedling and Tree Adventure admission for each participant. Minimum group size is 15. Groups with fewer than 15, please call for prices.





Nature Discovery Program
Summer and Fall Only

Specifically for children in preschool through 2nd grade

Explore the wonders of nature with your students and allow them a chance for active investigation. Authentic, hands-on experiences combined with the adventure of riding on the Discovery Ride and content rich nature-themed stories provide a well-rounded, inquiry-based learning experience perfectly designed for early learners. Minimum 15 participants, maximum 30 participants.

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Biomes and Water Quality Tour

Designed for 4th grade and older

Explore the ecosystems at Arbor Day Farm through in-depth investigation of the biotic and abiotic features. Hike along South Table Creek and observe the geologic history of our area. Participate in hands-on water testing at South Table Creek to understand the factors that influence water quality. Observe the importance of the water quality in supporting wildlife in the surrounding habitat.

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Tree Sleuth Tour

Designed for 4th grade through adult ages

Use clues provided by a tree’s leaves and branches to unravel the mystery of “what tree is this?” Learn how to classify trees and identify them by their bark, shape, seeds, fruit, and leaves. Use a tree identification guide to identify trees out on the trail at Arbor Day Farm. This tour includes a Tree ID book for each attendee in addition to a tree seedling.

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Additional Hour with Nature Interpreter

Student: $2/student
Adult: $2/adult

Discovery Ride
Tree Adventure admission is required

Student: $5
Adult: $5

Just for Teachers

Collectively, our educational tour staff has more than 160 years of teacher experience! We speak your language and care deeply about making your field trip to Arbor Day Farm engaging and memorable for your students—and easy for you.

  • Need help or have questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 402-873-8757 or email us.


  • [My students] loved exploring the trail, trying to guess the animal tracks and tasting the apple cider after seeing how it was made. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and kid-friendly.

    Fourth Grade Teacher, Omaha Public Schools
  • Our tour guide was kind, well informed, and helpful... she encouraged [my students'] questions and learning.

    K–2 Summer Program Director, Omaha
  • I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to make Arbor Farm an outstanding adventure for the girls. The parents were all very impressed and the girls had a fantastic time! Thanks again for a well-organized and positive experience. Please pass on to your Nature Interpreters how pleased we were with them as well.

    Troop leader, Bellevue, NE
  • We had a great trip! Next year we would like to spend more time at Arbor Day Farm so we can go on the South Table Creek Trail as well.

    Third Grade Teacher, Lincoln Public Schools
  • Our nature interpreter did an amazing job with the children! They were very attentive and really enjoyed being able to touch and interact with the different aspects of nature. The Nature Explore Classroom was wonderful! The kids loved playing music and floating the leaves down the stream. We will definitely be back! Thanks again for everything!

    Lincoln Preschool
  • You were very sweet and so accommodating to us! Thank you! We will be recommending this trip to our other Girl Scout troops.

    Troop leader, Omaha